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Outdoor Advertising

Studies Prove Outdoor Advertising is Effective

Every day, approximately 300 million Americans spend at least two hours a day driving. Research shows that outdoor advertisements do make an impression on these consumers, consciously and unconsciously. Harness this branding potential with an effective campaign at a modest price point.

Outdoor advertising is a great way to reach people where they live, work and play. It is media that is everywhere, and when executed properly, it creates brand new ad spaces where none existed before, ad spaces that can stop people in their tracks.

  • A variety of ad platforms (billboards to bus shelters) offer maximum branding potential.
  • Easily imprint your brand on the minds of passers-by as they undergo their daily routine.
  • Harness impactful branding potential at a modest price point.
  • Brand your company with high-visibility outdoor advertising.

According to Arbitron, studies show that Americans spend approximately 20 hours in their cars every week and travel over 200 miles and 71% of drivers frequently look at billboards on the side of the road (both traditional and digital combined).

In addition to these findings, “billboard viewers make shopping decisions while in the car.” Take a look at the charts below.

frequently Look at Billboards

talked about a funny billboard they viewed

regularly shop on their way home from work

make shopping decisions while in the car

immediately visited a business because of an outdoor message

views said they noted a website address on a billboard

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